Great-grandfather Louis would wake his young kids up at 3 in the
morning to start the workday by saying, “GET UP! The day is half over!” In the early 1910s and ’20s, many children did not finish much more school than grade school because they had to work. The Shapiro children of the second generation were lucky enough to get to attend school but also had a full workload in their grocery business as well.

Owned and operated by one family for more than 115 years, Shapiro’s
kosher-style Delicatessen is an Indianapolis institution. Famous for our
piled-high sandwiches, our meats (corned beef, pastrami, brisket) are still
slow-cooked in-store. Our homemade dishes like macaroni and cheese
and matzo ball soup are second to none! Shapiro’s incredible
cheesecakes, delicious rye bread, NY-style bagels and delectable
desserts keep Indianapolis residents and visitors coming back for more!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.

Shapiro's is best known, and rightly so, for its corned beef sandwich. The vivid red spiced meat is steamy hot, sliced thin and piled high between slices of excellent rye bread. With a couple of latkes (potato pancakes) on the side, you've got a great lunch.