One family, full of rich heritage since 1905.
Shapiro's Delicatessen

Corned Beef or Brisket Dinner

Coned Beef Piled High

Piles and piles of Shapiro’s famous corned beef. Our corned beef comes from Vienna Beef in Chicago and we are the only place in Indy to get it! The best of the best, we slow-cook it in-house to our own exacting standards and from our own hundred year old family recipe.

Baked Chicken


Our chicken is fresh, fresh, fresh – NEVER frozen, local and baked to perfection.  Each order is ½ of a chicken!  Definitely get a “to go” container because you’ll have lunch for tomorrow!


Meatloaf Dinner with Sides

Just like you remember it: moist, flavorful and absolutely delish!

Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed Cabbage Dinner

Shapiro’s stuffed cabbage is so delicious you’ll wonder why it’s so much better than any other you’ve had! We’ll tell you the secret ingredient (ginger snaps!) but we don’t dare give away the recipe. 

Spaghetti (vegetarian or w/meatballs)

spaghetti dinner

Shapiro’s meatballs are so good because we still make them the way Great Grandmother Rebecca did –we still use her recipe! Not a meat-eater? Not a problem! Just ask for our vegetarian spaghetti instead. Unfortunately, sides do not come with this entree.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Dinner 2

We soak our chicken overnight in buttermilk to get that extra-crisp and delicious crunch! Two pieces per order - your choice of breast, wing, thigh or drumstick. (Available Saturdays and Sundays).